Happy New Year!

I took a couple weeks off for the germ filled holidays. They were nice despite them not being exactly what I was hoping. It’s very cold here today, school was canceled because it’s dangerous to be outside! Crazy, upper peninsula weather but I don’t even mind because I have been needing to slow down. I’m kind of looking forward to a slow January. I got back to my novel and it felt so good to be making headway again, in a house that was quiet and somewhat picked up.

Loving the New “Agent Carter” mini series. So many great vintage styles.

I suddenly got bit by a sewing bug, that hasn’t happened for a while. There are two things to blame. The TV mini series “Agent Carter” I love it. So vintage, even the bad guys remind me of old James Bond movies. Oh the clothes, the sets, the clothes… Seriously, I have some blue wool put aside and if I get my chores done today (which includes making cookies, I know cookies aren’t really a chore but it’s so cold out I think they kind of are a necessity) I’m going to make myself an Agent Carter skirt (I even have lined stockings I could wear with it!). The second thing is this cool gift I received. She’s a WWII fashion doll. They predate barbies and were designed to teach girls to sew. They came with patterns and all kinds of little notions. This one has three of her patterns and her doll stand. I made her a slip and am going to make her an air force uniform next. It’s so silly but when I was dressing her I felt like a little girl.FullSizeRender-3 copy 5

WWII Fashion Doll
WWII Fashion Doll

Happy New Year friends. I’m really excited about the coming year. I’ve never felt this hopeful about a writing project before this novel and I have more people reading this blog then I ever have. It’s so humbling and cool and makes me so happy to share this part of the internet with you all. Thank you all so much and I hope this year is great for all of us!


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