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I have been blessed with some very close friendships. I have two friends, Megan and Sarah, who I’ve known since sixth grade. There have been good times and hard times but our friendship has only grown throughout all the years. I’ve often said they are “like sisters to me.” I’ve heard other people say this too but it wasn’t until recently that I learned how true this is for us.

In October I was just arriving at a writer’s conference with a couple of other girls from my writer’s group. This was also the day that Sarah’s new baby was to be arriving. There were early morning texts from Megan and I wishing her well and then radio silence while we waited for her little one to make her debut into this world. I was standing under the coat rack outside the women’s bathroom waiting for some of the other ladies when I got another text. “There were complications, baby is in ICU.” My heart stopped. I just stood there under the coat rack, people all around me, and cried. The fear, the heartbreak for Sarah, the questions, the feeling completely useless to help. It was a swirl in my brain. Throughout the next few weeks the news was not good. There were a lot of unknowns and many scary possibilities.

FullSizeRender-4 copy 2Three months later I finally got to go see this little baby that I have not stopped thinking about. And she is amazing! I can’t believe how different things look a few months down the road. When you hold this little girl you can just feel how wonderful she is. You can see how she is the sweetest gift. She is doing great too, there is so much to be hopeful for when only a few months ago the diagnosis was so bleak.


This week Sarah and I sat up well into the night talking about her beautiful daughter. And about love and faith. We cried together and I’m convinced that tears shed with people we love are beautiful blessed tears. Magic tears.

FullSizeRender-4 copy 3

The thing about all of this is I learned that I love Sarah and Megan with a fierce love. I knew they were important but until this painful time came I didn’t know to what extent that love stretched. I think the love we share with someone correlates to the level of pain we share with them when their heart aches and correlates to how high it soars with them in their joys. There is pain to be had in friendships but it’s a beautiful pain because it’s made sweet by the love that wraps it’s way through our hearts connecting us to each other. There is joy, too, joy that is felt deeper by that same love. I am blessed indeed.


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