Spring is Coming…

I took the dog on a walk. It’s been weeks since it’s been warm enough to walk. I won’t go if it’s in the single digits and it’s been ages since the windchill was in the positives. Tuesday the skies were so blue and the sun so shiny I couldn’t stand it anymore. I gave in to Ranger’s pleas and we headed out the door. It was still too cold and the sidewalks weren’t clear enough for us to do our normal route but it was glorious just to be out in the sun. While it was very cold there was something in the light, a promise of sorts. Assurance that spring is on it’s way. We slipped and slid but the birds were chirping in that way they do in spring and I could almost feel heat from the sun, almost.


Sometime in January I had thought that maybe I’d skip the vegetable garden this year. It’s so much work and the battle of the weeds and moles is never in my favor, but then I got a seed catalogue and started dreaming about raised bed gardens (how hard could they be to build?) and now I’m thinking about that dirt smell that’s so wonderful and remembering open windows with breezes blowing through. “Ahh yes”, my senses seem to be saying “we remember spring. We almost forgot but we’re beginning to remember.”

FullSizeRender-4 copy

This is our five-day forecast and for some of my readers it will look like the tundra but to me it looks like hope. Above freezing, things will begin to melt and while it’s going to dip one day it’s supposed to come right back. I keep telling myself not to get too excited March can see really terrible weather, but well, maybe we’re on the other side of it?

Sort of reminds me of my past. When my oldest son was born I suffered from severe depression I felt confused, guilty and isolated. One day I stood in front of my open kitchen window doing dishes and I just felt happy again. Times of family stress when the future was so uncertain have been followed by great rootedness, hope and joy. Years of ignoring my passion for writing have finally given way to plot, and theme and dedication.

If your life feels like winter right now, please know that spring is coming. That smell of earth turned over and sun on your face is waiting, and while there might be a couple more snowstorms to weather your garden is going to bloom.


14 thoughts on “Spring is Coming…

  1. Jessie, this post really touched my heart this week. It is easy for me to fall into my dark, safe place but I know that the price is to have my joy sucked out of me. Giving in to depression is easy, comfortable, and relieving for me. When I’m there, it seems like winter will never end. Always winter and never Christmas. I think the only way to step out of my Low times is to wait it out, maybe even fight it if I can find the energy. Thank you for reminding me that I don’t have to fight–that Someone is already working on a great thaw.
    Love you!!

  2. This is a very uplifting post. I am getting tired of digging my car out the snow and I want to see the daffodils bloom. The weather has warmed up a bit, unfortunately where I am there is another snow storm that is supposed to come through on Sunday. But, I have noticed the days have been longer and that is a true sign of spring.

    1. Don’t be jealous Emily we spend so much time indoors in the winter. I’m imagining that you can go out all year round (though I do know this kind of thing is relative).

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