The Youngest Turns Six.

My youngest is turning six next week. I am far too young to have a six year old (let alone an eight year old). I’m not sure how they went from babies to boys so fast. If your reading this and you have a baby you may feel like your in the longest marathon of your life and you kind of are, but someday you’ll look back and wonder what happened? This isn’t to make you feel bad, or to make you wonder if your doing something wrong. Having  babies and toddlers was so hard! It’s much easier now, and I’m really happy and really enjoy our children, but for some reason I miss it. I miss having my child sleeping in my arms. I guess that’s life.


So what did my six year old son ask for? An easy bake oven, which makes a lot of sense he loves to cook and wants to own a bake shop with me when he’s grown (I know how awesome is that?), an oven mitt, a case of coke, gum and lunchables… So I made him an apron from superhero fabric and because those oven mitts are huge on me I made him a six year old sized one. I’ll admit I’m pretty excited about these two projects because I know they’ll get used and because I made them both without a pattern. I must be getting more confident with my sewing machine and my ability to think through a project. Incase your wondering I just bought him lunchables to take to school, I’m not wrapping them up or anything because I think it’s weird to give groceries as a gift to a six year old.FullSizeRender-4 copy

I guess I just wanted to show off these super adorable cooking things, but I also wanted to encourage you. Maybe your in the midst of horrible threes or potty training or not sleeping at night. Someday all that hard work will turn into a child who’s gift list really shows that he wants to spend time with his mommy. Parenting is hard, exhausting and ages you. BUT, it is all completely wonderfully worth it, trust me.FullSizeRender-4


2 thoughts on “The Youngest Turns Six.

  1. Love this Jess. It does fly by so so fast. Look at my babies! This reminds us all to not take a single day for granted and to live fully in the moment. Love the apron and mitt too! He is gonna love them!

  2. I have an 8 & 6 year old also at this time. I am finally coming to terms with getting rid of most of my baby items (having a garage sale this weekend). When I had two children babies at the same time, it seemed endless…and suddenly whoosh! It’s done. What a great birthday gift.

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