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The Grace of Abundance

There are many times in life when I begin to feel like there isn’t enough. Not enough time, enough money, enough clothing that fit the boys…It’s hard wired into us by media that we don’t have what we need, but it’s isn’t really true. I know that it’s not because when I open my eyes I see God’s abundance all around me. I see how he’s provided so much more then I can ever use or relish. It’s easier for me to see this truth in spring, the blossoming trees and green lawns just shout praises to God, but what about the end of winter? When things are still dead and there is mud everywhere.

Someone whispers, Open your heart, Jessie. Signs of his abundance everywhere.

This beautiful book is a sign to me. A friend wrote this book one of my best friends did the cover art. It reminds me that all kinds of art are beautiful and food to the soul. It reminds me that God has surrounded me with talented people who are willing to open their minds and share their experience with me. It reminds me that there was once a time that I bought the lie that there was only so much publishing to go around. That is a worldly view, but God promises that He has my dreams and desires close to His own heart.

This page reminds me of the beauty in dedications. It also reminds me that love and support from a spouse (like mine) can give you the power to do incredible things.

FullSizeRender-4 copyThis reminds me of the beauty of the written word. It reminds me of my own love for fantasy and fiction. A good story can touch a person.FullSizeRender-4 copy 2

This journal is a reminder of God’s abundance. Lovingly made by a close friend. Each page to be filled with my hopes, dreams and even heartaches. A reminder that she journeys with me down this road.

FullSizeRender-4 copy 4

The best page. Handwritten by her to remind me that she, and so many others, believes in me. That really I need to believe in myself.

FullSizeRender-4 copy 7

Words from her heart to mine.

FullSizeRender-4 copy 6These little glimpses at God’s loving abundance don’t mean that I will get whatever I want. It reminds me that what God has in store for me is more incredible then anything I could have dreamed. It reminds me that my fears are unfounded and that if we open our eyes His goodness can be seen all around us.

*The book above is called Of Sea and Sky by Adam Martin and can be purchased digitally from Amazon HERE a hardcopy can be found HERE. It’s a really fresh take on a favorite genre of mine, action adventure and fantasy, and features the best kind of heroin the kind I love for my teen agers and adults to read about.

4 thoughts on “The Grace of Abundance

  1. Hi Jessie,
    You offered to do a guest blog on postpartum depression. Would you be willing to put it up by Saturday the 28th? I could just re-blog it on that day. That would help me out quite a bit. Hugs! Send me an e-mail lilypup1922@yahoo.com

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