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Nancy Drew

Lately I have been on a Nancy Drew binge. I started reading one I found in the library and then I couldn’t stop. Nancy and I have been reading mates since I was very young. In the small town I grew up in the middle school and high school shared a building (opposite wings) and it was also the building that housed the town library. Isn’t that funny? I think about that when I have to ring a bell and practically be fingerprinted to get into the kid’s elementary school. Anyway, that’s where I discovered Nancy Drew. Not the “new”ones from the eighties and nineties but the yellow ones from the fifties. Oh, how I adored her. She dressed so classy, carried hand bags, drove a convertible was clever, beautiful and so friendly. I devoured them.FullSizeRender-4 copy 2My love for Nancy Drew bled into my love of all things vintage and I began collecting the novels years ago. I have almost all of the original titles, a few first editions and even a couple with dust jackets. However, I hadn’t read them since I was a preteen. I can’t stop. She’s still beautiful, clever and kind. I hurt my shoulder from reading the books non-stop and my husband thought it was funny that I got a reading injury.

Skip to today. I went to the shoe store to buy a new pair of Easter shoes and stumbled on these! I bought them. I couldn’t help myself all I could think was, “These look like shoes Nancy would wear.” Now I have plans running around my head to make a skirt and blouse that also seem Nancy-ish. FullSizeRender-4

When I told one of my writer friends, somewhat guiltily, about my new Nancy obsession she commented that my muse must have been hungry. She’s so right! It made me realize that Nancy Drew was one of my first writing loves. It occurred to me that when your feeling discouraged and burnt out with whatever it is that makes you tick, you should go back to that first love. That first place you fell in love with the water, or that first movie that made you want to make costumes, or that first painting that spoke to your heart and made you want to be an artist. Those tiny pieces that affected us can get lost or forgotten but sometimes those little things are just the spark we need to be reignited.  FullSizeRender-4 copy

4 thoughts on “Nancy Drew

  1. So true! What a beautiful point to make on returning to your first love! Loved this one, Jessie.

  2. I LOVE Nancy Drew! She’s not so big over here in the UK but I remember hunting the charity shops as a child looking for second hand books to add to my collection – I now have at least 100 of them in my lounge 🙂

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