Overwhelmed By Love

I’ve been so busy lately, and so busy is not the way I like to be. I know who people who thrive on “going” and “doing” my own sister is one of these people and while I do like to “go” and “do” I thrive on routine and being home in the quiet with a cup of tea and my notebook. But life isn’t always like this, in fact it’s rarely balanced with a bit of going and doing instead it seems to be all one thing or the other.

When life overwhelms me I tend to lose sight of the good and beautiful. The blessings that are all over. This last week I was showered with blessings. So many in fact, that despite the fact that my house is a wreck and there is dog hair and laundry piled up, I was forced to see God’s grace and beauty.

FullSizeRender copy 5

First, one of the retired school teachers in our church had a book sale. A few of us got to go over early for the pre-sale. This woman showed us all over her home which was filled with treasures from her world travels. Knowing that I am a Nancy Drew fan, the tour culminated at her own collection. Oh heavens I have never seen so many Nancys and in such good condition. I have NEVER seen that many of the original dust jackets. SWOON!! Then she begins telling me and my friend about how after her family moved to Battle Creek from England things were really tough. But, a neighbor would pay her $2 to wash his car and as soon as she had the money she would run down to the bookstore and buy a Nancy Drew book. How special and lovely to get to look at this woman’s history and to hear how years before I was born Nancy Drew was inspiring her the same way she would inspire me two generations later.FullSizeRender copy 7

Then we got to shop the books she was selling (not the Nancy Drew books) I ran around yelling things like, “I remember this book!” and “I love this book!” and “I forgot about this book!” My bag was nearly bursting when I went to pay her (prices which were already so low I had to physically restrain myself to buying only the books I could carry) she refused to take any money. “I just want someone to have these books that will use them and enjoy them.” was what she said. I almost cried at the generosity of it. FullSizeRender copy 6

Later in the week my husband and I were grocery shopping. While we were checking out another older lady from our church stopped by and said to the cashier, “Oh I’m paying for this young man’s groceries today.” The only response I could muster was a smile as I stood there speechless and overwhelmed.

Someday, I hope I get to pay all of these blessing forward. But for now I am so humbled to be in a community where there are people constantly modeling to me how to love, and serve and give. In a time in history marred by violence, I wonder if people stop to wonder at the love that surrounds them, and the goodness that is possible. If your overwhelmed by the everyday please stop and see how beautiful and generous the world can be. Maybe, community is the magic that makes this world good. Well, community and just a bit of Nancy Drew.


7 thoughts on “Overwhelmed By Love

  1. Jessie, don’t you know? You already pay it forward with you hospitality, your passion, your talents, your spirit and your baked goods! People pour into you be used you’ve already poured into them. Just never stop being you! Loved this post!

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