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I sew a little. More then I did when I started and, haltingly, made pajama pants for my sisters and in-law siblings. I am definitely more proficient then the first time I made a dress that was so ill fitting it’s makes me shudder. I wore it anyway because the fabric cost money and it was hard to make! There are photos and not only am I wearing a poorly made dress I’m wearing it very post baby. Come to think of it, that dress is packed away. I should take it out and make the boys Hawaiian shirts or something out of it. I am NO expert and, I don’t really know why I like it but I do. Fabric is so pretty and full of possibilities. It’s nice to use my hands to create something that won’t get weedy and die, or be eaten.

12 years ago my husband and I were shopping for our first washer and dryer at one of those stand-alone appliance Sears and I walked past this little blue sewing machine. It felt like a breeze blew over my heart. My spirit stirred and I just felt like I needed to take that machine home. It felt so frivolous, that’s quite an investment into something you don’t know if you’ll like. Yet, there was something inside me that knew…

All these years later and I am wearing a dress I made as a write this, a dress I rather like. Yesterday I wore a skirt and blouse I made and I think they look cute and vintage and not necessarily home made and there are pieces to a birthday dress on the floor in my studio. Last week, I gave a sewing lesson to one of my best friends. We share a lot in common, she is a writer, mother and all around sweet person. I wasn’t holding my breath that she would like to sew. After all, how could we have so many things in common? At any rate I know that there is a pretty big learning curve to this craft and a lot of people just can’t get past that.

The first of the literary skirts. Delicate and beautiful just like Jen’s main character.

Not only did she like it but She came away with the prettiest skirt. I am not kidding when I tell you that it looks like something from Anthropolgie! She wore it to writer’s group and the rest of that sacred club have decided that we all need skirts. Skirts that sort of match that we can wear as a sort of uniform to our next conference! No one has ever been this wonderfully cheesy with me before and I am over the moon about it! We’re using the same base fabrics and then accents that speak to each of our individual books we’re working on. Isn’t that just the best thing you can think of?!!! The Fellowship of the literary skirt, that’s what this project is all about, and I LOVE it. Some of them already sew, some don’t. We’ll work on them together and hopefully after July I will post a wonderful, sweet, cheesy pic of our skirts filled with our hopes and dreams of our literary future.

The tree of life for our memoire, maps for our Scottish warrior who's a catagrapher, music for me and words for us all.
The tree of life for our memoire, maps for our Scottish warrior who’s a catagrapher, music for me and words for us all.

It is a blessing to share small things with people you love. Silly things that pull us together and make us laugh. I’m glad me and my needle and thread get to be part of that.


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