Lake Michigan

I missed blogging last week because I was at my annual Lake Michigan Writer’s retreat. This retreat has become such a salve to my soul. Last year I started the novel I’m working on. Took the first tentative wobbly steps towards writing a book. Last year I wrote an outline for the first time, one that had many hole, and a introduction. This year I was working on the end of the first draft. The first time I’ve seen writing of mine this far through. What a blessing and how poetic to come full circle.IMG_0567

A group of us women writers rent this little house. In the woods on one side, On the beach on the other side. We take turns cooking for each other swap stories and advice. It’s beautiful.

Last year on this trip my writing friend Jen and I got to be really close. We connected under that Lake Michigan magic. She confided to me that she was pregnant, and this year we had a baby with us. A baby who started sleeping through the night in the room the three of us shared, a room that looked out over the water. And if a baby that sleeps all night isn’t magic I don’t know what is. We brought along another member of our local writer’s group. We learned about her on a level we hadn’t yet, she learned about us.IMG_0578-2IMG_0572-2

I can’t say exactly what it is to be with like minded people. Women who all share a common dream. Even though we’re at vastly different steps along the path, it is unlike anything else I experience. It makes me think about dreams, goals and community. God did not create us to live life alone. I feel like if you have a dream, something your reaching for but your struggling, or scared to take those first steps yourself, seek out others who are doing something similar. Even if they’re in a different place in their journey the shared understanding goes such a long way toward lighting that fire.

And while I didn’t finish the first draft I got ever so close, while writing on a screened in porch gazing at the water, rain drumming down outside…IMG_0569-2


4 thoughts on “Lake Michigan

  1. Yay! Jessie! So happy and exceed for you and so blessed to be along for the journey and walks on that sacred Lake Michigan shoreline! There’s a reason we take off our shoes there…we’re walking on holy ground.

  2. Hi Jen! So happy for you girls to get out and enjoy the indescribable Lake Michigan! It is so inspiring. I’ve always loved it and now get to live nearby and go on it on our boat so often. We are so blessed. People say Lake MI beaches rival any beaches in the world and its fresh water! This is a beautiful story Jessie. I know what you mean by inspiring, I just spent five hours this afternoon writing on our boat. There’s nothing quite like it for me.

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