What Did I Get Myself Into…


What would be causing me to make this face? Not only make this face but share it with all of you? It’s painting time. Bleh, Bleh, Bleh. In two weeks we’ll have lived in this house for nine years. Nine years with a dog and kids and the kids’ friends. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners and well she needs a new paint job. For some reason this task falls to me, my husband claims that he’s terrible at painting (which he is, and while I’m doing this he’ll buy me StarBucks and do the dishes and laundry, he’s not exactly no help). It’s so much work. Dirty hard work and of course it’s the hottest week of the summer. This week was VBS and oh, I have company coming on Tuesday…

So, my dad likes to joke that I’m a messy painter. I took this picture before I even opened the paint cans????

I have no idea how I get myself into these situations except to say that if I don’t just do it I’ll never do it. Honestly that’s my entire life. I can plan and plan and put things off but a lot of times I have a hard time just pulling the trigger and I’ve learned that if I’m waiting for the perfect time it’ll never happen. You have a dream, a goal, a relationship that needs mended? If you’re waiting, stop! Life will always get in the way of what needs doing. The important things.

Not that painting is one of those important things, it’s not really (though it definitely needs doing, these wall are disgusting. Have I never wiped off the tops of the door frames?). But maybe following your dream is important. More important then a clean kitchen and folded clothes.

And when it gets hard, which is most certainly will, remember that at the end you’ll have achieved something good and beautiful and fought for. A published novel, new business, relationship, or a freshly painted and updated living room… What were we talking about the fumes and heat are getting to me?

This picture reminds me that before we get to the things we really want it’s going to get messy!


4 thoughts on “What Did I Get Myself Into…

  1. I do all (almost all) the painting because, though I get covered, I’m neat (no paint on the floor). You’ll love the transformation. Yea you. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  2. I’m not allowed to be part of the painting process. I’m just too clutzy. And bad at trim. Jeff always does a really great job, so I let him. 🙂 Now if I could only convince him to do my kitchen…

    P.S. I love you, Jessie.

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