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Strong Female Characters

I have always loved good books, television shows and movies. My husband would say that I also love lousy television and movies and he would be right. Sometimes I just like to see things get blown up. I also love mentoring and building relationships with teenage girls and women. I love how unique and complicated and strong and delicate we are all at the same time. It’s difficult to be a woman in our over sexualized, air-brushed society and it’s especially hard to teach girls self-confidence and that their worth and beauty come from within. It’s difficult to teach when we sometimes don’t believe it ourselves.

In that vein I was finishing up Agent’s of Shield (way behind I know) and I was struck by how great the show is. The story is cool and deep and the characters are wide ranging. But also this show is filled with strong kick-a$$ women. Not just one, but many as the seasons progress and they are fully clothed complex characters. I love comics but something that bothers me is that they will give a female character strength and power and then take that away when they turn her into nothing more then a sex symbol (I’m looking at you cat woman). We see this in lots of movies and lots of books. Every James Bond Girl ever. It’s such a refreshing and wonderful change when you run across beautifully written and acted characters who don’t have to turn to sex to be intriguing.

Even the lead character isn't a traditional Bond type. The show keeps getting better and better.
Even the lead character isn’t a traditional Bond type. The show keeps getting better and better.

These are the women I want my sons to be seeing in movies not the Pussy Galores of the industry. These are definitely the characters I want my youth girls to be watching. Katniss Everdeen may be overdone now, but when she came on the scene she was a refreshing change from the Twighlight girls who were so vapid. So, I thought I would share a list of some of my favorite books, and shows that show case strong females.

Agent’s of Shield: If your kids are old enough this is a great and exciting family show.

Agent Carter: I LOVED this show and if your a vintage lover then hold on because you will die every episode.

Firefly: Another Joss Whedon show that will not disappoint, except in how few episodes and one movie there are (This is not a children’s show use your judgement for your own teenagers).

Avatar the Last Airbender: This nickelodeon series is great to watch as a family. The story is surprisingly complex and sweet.

Girl Meets World: If your my age then you’ll never tire of Corey and Tabanga. The lessons their daughter learns are pretty great too.

The Harry Potter Books: Hermione is probably my book soul mate and if it weren’t for her Harry and Ron would have met their demise many times over.

The Hunger Games Books: Katniss Everdeen is complex and conflicted but she is also brave and strong

The Ms. Marvel Comics: These comics are written and drawn by some of the only female comic books writers and artists in the industry. They are also wonderful and wholesome and haven’t been going so long that you can’t get caught up.

These are the best comics being written right now. If you have or work with teenagers I really encourage you to check it out.
These are the best comics being written right now. If you have or work with teenagers I really encourage you to check it out.

I’m having a hard time putting into words what I want to express in this post. The need to expose our children, teens and ourselves to positive female characters in books, television and movies. I guess I was just thinking I can’t be the only person who craves action and adventure but wants to see girls doing it without their cleavage falling out. What other books, TV etc. do you love that showcase strong female leads? I’d love to create an even better list to share with parents and families.


5 thoughts on “Strong Female Characters

    1. That is so awesome. You can definitely dedicate an entire blog to this subject. It’s an exciting time. When I was young there really weren’t females in the sic-fi action genre at all.

  1. You’ve introduced me to all of these shows, and they’re all my favorite shows now 🙂 it’s so hard to find a good show nowadays but this is a great list to choose from.

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