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Summer Won’t Wait!

It’s summer; long evenings, warm days, loud kids and oh so many things that I feel like I should be doing. There’s the regular duties (laundry, meals that sort of thing) the weeding and watering and then the painting. Oh the painting. Sometimes I feel like there will never be a time when there isn’t something that ought to be painted.

My husband really can’t help with the painting and there are times when I feel squeezed on every side by what’s not getting done. But, it’s summer! In Michigan the months are few that we can be outside enjoying the wonderful beauty of God’s creation.

Last Saturday I worked until two, the kitchen was torn to bits waiting to be painted because the contractor is coming soon to put in a new floor and the painting should definitely be done before then. When I got home my oldest son was just waiting. Waiting to see if we were going to do anything fun. Waiting to see if he would get to spend time with me. So you know what, we went on a Mommy son date to our favorite place, Barnes and Noble for frozen coffee drinks and books.

That face is worth every unfolded pile of laundry I left behind.
That face is worth every unfolded pile of laundry I left behind.

In that moment, looking into his face I realized that while there are things that have to be done, there are other things that wont wait. Summer and kids are two of those precious things. I’ve decided to let go of the guilt and embrace the sun. The vegetable garden has my permission to turn into a weed patch, we have a great farmers market anyway. And while my husband can’t paint, he can definitely help keep up with the laundry, and dishes. And I called in the help of some friends, painting is a lot faster and more fun with company.

It’s okay to ask for help, it’s impossible and unfair to expect to be able to do it all yourself. Give yourself permission to let go of all those little expectations and instead live and laugh. Build those relationships and spend the day at the beach with your little ones. At the end of the summer a freshly painted house would be nice but not so sweet as those great memories you could be building instead.


IMG_0830 IMG_0836


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