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Family Magic.

Have you ever planned something, dreamed of it for a long time, and then when it happened found it wasn’t everything you’d hoped? Of course, we all have. Life is like that, a constant readjusting of our expectations. So when we decided to plan a trip to Disney World I was really nervous. It’s a lot of money for us and we it took to years to save. I really wanted it to go well, but I was so careful not to get my hopes up.

This was our first big vacation with just my husband and kids. It was also my boys first time to Disney.

It’s funny, these are my kids and it’s my husband but I was very nervous about it all. A full week of complete togetherness might prove to be too much. And even though we planned it a long time ago the trip ended up coming at a stressful time and I felt guilty about the cost.


Well, it was lovely. I understand now why families go away together, because it bonds you somehow. The every day annoyances from home, are gone, your experiencing new things together, building memories seeing your kids get excited for cool things.

IMG_1170It wasn’t all perfect, and we certainly observed many adults acting poorly towards their own families, but I think your attitude is important. My kids knew this was special, my husband knew that it was important to me, and I knew how great disney can be. Walt wanted to create a place where parents and children could forget about the outside world and be together, and while it’ll cost you, he did just that. At least for us. I’ll remember our first time to Disney as a really sweet time for the four of us. IMG_1150

Don’t forget to create magic and memories with your own family. If your busy, stressed, facing life, then maybe it’s even more important to get away together (even if it’s not a “big” trip)? I know it was for us. Balm to our family’s soul.


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