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I’m a sort of introvert, and I’ve moved around a lot. You would think that those two things would combine into a lonely person with few friends. But that’s actually not true. I’ve always been blessed with good and true relationships. Two of my closest friends I’ve known since sixth grade, and now I enjoy the friendships of other writers a thing that is thrilling. I have friends in my church and outside of it. I feel connected, loved, cherished. It’s a wonderful thing.

However, despite all those blessed people there are still times I feel lonely and isolated. I’m quite sure most of us know the feeling. No matter how close your friends are there are aspects of your life that they can’t understand. Sometimes it’s a very nuanced thing but, still, you feel alone. I’m sorry for those times, readers. I know them well and I hate that we have to journey though them.

This week I had lunch with a friend I don’t see all that often. We met when I moved in high school and then we became college roommates, an arrangement that suited us both very well. With our husbands, we even briefly ministered at the same church. Since then we’ve had children and moved about the country. We’ve always stayed in touch, loosely any way, but I always wonder where there still be that connection? Our lives are quite a bit different now and I worry that my differing opinions will get in the way, that there isn’t room diversity.


I love it when my worries are unfounded. What we have in common is so much stronger then what we don’t. And when you love each other there IS room for differences. Remember those parts of your lives people don’t fully understand? She’s a minister’s wife too, she’s walked through the pain and joy, the deep hurt and frustration. She’s been there, and it was such a blessing to spend, (what felt like an hour) four (or more) hours. We went from lunch to coffee and the time sped by and afterward I felt as if my soul had been fed, my heart refreshed.

Friends you are not alone. let the people in your life fill you up!


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