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A Perfect Christmas…

My oldest boy and my sweet husband cutting down our awesome misshapen tree!

Yesterday my husband kids and I went and walked through the downtown lights. I love lights, it’s so sparkly and warm and magical. It’s been unseasonably warm here. There’s no snow and the grass is still kind of green. The kids actually played in the park while Brian and I sat in the midst of the sparkling.

It reminded me of the Christmas of my Junior year high school year. The weather was really warm that year too. We had moved six hours from my childhood home and were living with my grandparents. Then we purchased a home, an old beautiful lady that needed a lot of work. As Christmas drew near we weren’t anywhere ready to move in but it had been a while since we’d experienced a Christmas morning in our own place so we decided to stay there Christmas eve.

This particular Christmas is the most memorable one I have from my childhood. I have the most vivid picture of climbing into the tree in the front yard and my little sister handing me strings of lights, while my mom sat in a deck chair encouraging us. The mailman walked by and said, “Hey, aren’t you supposed to move in first?”

We put the tree (it may have been the bug-infested tree, that post can be found HERE), that smelled of insect spray in the sunroom, and dad made the traditional coco on the ancient stove. Me and my two sisters camped out on mattresses on the floor in one of the bedrooms. This room had yellow gold flower wall paper and the entire house had that not-lived-in smell mixed with the smell of plaster.

I don’t remember a single thing that I got as a present. I do remember the excitement and love. I remember that is was so fun to do something unexpected, to know Christmas would never come around exactly like this one again.

In this Pinterest age I think we sometimes get overwhelmed with wanting everything to be perfect. Perfect Christmas gifts, perfect Christmas breakfast, Perfect crafts and decorations. But none of that is what makes me smile when I think about that year in our “new” house, camping on the floor. Or when I remember setting the oven on fire last year while making sticky buns. Let the perfection go, and remember that what makes our hearts glad are the people that are near us.

Merry Christmas friends.


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