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Not Enough

As a mom it’s easy to feel like you are not enough. I have a five and three years old son and a five month old baby girl. It is hard to feel like I am doing everything I can to be enough for my kids. I know I am not the first person to think that, if you scan through your social feeds you see all sorts of articles about what to do, what not to do, and isn’t it at times overwhelming? That’s the last thing we as moms need, more overwhelming.

I was sharing my frustrations with a good friend. I was telling her how the negative moments of parenting over power my thoughts, and the regretted actions and mistakes haunt me. I shared openly with her how I feel like I fail my children daily.

She said something to me that was so simple, so easy, and yet it made all the difference.
“Why don’t you record your good mom moments? Then you have something to look back on when you are feeling like you are failing.”

At first I kind of shrugged the idea off. Then I thought to myself why not? I’m a list maker. For a while I was making lists of things I was grateful for. This wasn’t a lot different.

So I started. I have a journal app on my phone and at the end of the day I think back. What were my good mom moments:
-Nursing and taking care of my baby girl.
-Snuggling her and singing to her.
-Cuddling with my five year old when he fell down.
-Looking at a special book with my three year old.

Maybe you feel like your list is too small or not what you want it to be. Instead, I encourage you to look at how all of those little moments add up into something beautiful. Those are the moments that add up to a treasured childhood.

Instead of spending our time regretting the times we weren’t all we hoped to be, let’s take the time to acknowledge the “Good Mom Moments”. Let’s close the day by showing ourselves grace and asking the Lord for strength to walk into our next day with new eyes.

Guest Post by Courtney Smallwood. Courtney is a mom of three beautiful children. She lives in MD with her husband, kids, and dog.


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