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What I’ve learned so far.

Another installment of what I’ve learned so far.

Who’s Pancake house is this any way? Same Battle Creek diner coffee on our west coast location.

Having the washer and dryer on the main floor makes it slightly more likely that I’ll start the wash but no more likely that I’ll remember to finish it. Having a dishwasher is amazing but there are still ALWAYS dishes on the counter, WHAT THE WHY??

Fred Meyer and Meijer are not the same grocery store, even though they’re pronounced the same and are remarkably similar to each other (both huge with clothing, housewares, etc). Fred Meyer is the same as the jewelry store, however, which is confusing as I thought it was “our Fred Meijer” who had founded the chain of jewelry stores, which is where my engagement ring came from. What a strange world.

Like christmas trees, furniture looks smaller in the show room, and also IKEA couches are only slightly more comfortable to sit on then slabs of granite, though Brian can still fall asleep on it mid-sentence.

The thrift shops here really are great. Heather found like, five cute dresses, the store didn’t have that weird thrift smell, and I came home with an Agatha Christy box set!

In Seattle you get heat warnings on your phone when the temp might hit eighty along with cryptic warnings that you can still drown even if it’s hot out??? I think because the water is cold, but I grew up swimming in Lake Michigan and Huron. I mean it’s uncomfortable at first but once your legs go numb your golden.

If you seven year old discovers that Mt. Rainer is a volcano there’s no going back, and he will never tire of questions bordering on paranoia. Thanks a lot tour guide.

Finally, I have discovered that I am weirdly offended when people lump Michigan in with the mid-west. If anything Michigan is the west-east. When I hear mid-west I picture all corn fields and wheat fields and while Michigan does have a lot of that we also have tons of fruit, and world class vineyards and miles and miles of pristine shoreline. Not to mention more lighthouses then any other state in the union! It just seems weird to assume that that many people share a culture, as any one who’s been to both Detroit and the upper peninsula know Michigan is vast and diverse in her own way. My husband has pointed out that according to whoever’s-incharge of these things MI is technically mid-west but please if your around me lets call her what she is: A Great Lakes State.


9 thoughts on “What I’ve learned so far.

  1. To be fair, some of our thrift stores do have that funky smell, but some are really great. I rarely buy books without first checking there. I can often find them in like-new condition.

    And Rainier is not our only volcano; there are at least four other “active” volcanoes in Washington’s Cascade Range. Sorry, Connor! But he won’t hear that from me – I’m not sure my 15 yr old even knows how many volcanoes there are here. 😉 They behave themselves though…thus far. St. Helens being the exception 20+ yrs ago.

    Welcome to the PNW! Hey, at least we don’t get buried in snow every winter. 🙂

    1. Michigan was once lumped in with some other states and called, “The Northwest Territory”. Not the “Midwest Territory” so even historically she is NOT part of the Midwest

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