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Saying “Yes”


After my last post I can see how you might be thinking, “Didn’t you just get done talking about how you say ‘yes’ too much.” In my rush to please everyone, and do what’s expected and seek out that ever growing need for others affirmation I stopped saying “yes” to the things that mattered.

All of my rushing, and obligations weren’t leaving any room for the “yeses” I wanted. There wasn’t room for spontaneity, for magic. I’ve always thought of myself as a quirky, happy person, but the reality wasn’t bearing that out. My knee jerk reaction to anything was “no, we shouldn’t do that.” We shouldn’t-because it’ll keep the boys up past their bedtimes. We shouldn’t-because, it’s not in my plan. Or worse I want to- but I can’t because I haven’t left room in my life. 

Last night we drove to the airport with a picnic. Our Michigan neighbors were flying back from Hawaii and they had a layover at SeaTac. It wasn’t enough time for them to leave the airport but it was enough for them to leave security and join us at baggage claim for a late night supper. When she first told me when their flight was arriving my reaction was to say “no.” but I got to thinking, Why not? It’s summer, the boys can stay up late this once, and the airport isn’t far from us. These are friends who have lived their lives feet from ours for the past ten years. We’ve watched each others children grow up, we’ve spent hours talking over the fence, and sharing leftovers. We had emergency keys to the others house.

Leaving them was soul wrenching and here we had an opportunity to eat with them, why would I say no to that? Isn’t this the kind of thing the kids will remember into adulthood. The time we took a carrot cake to the airport at 10pm.FullSizeRender-6

Those two hours were such a blessing. It reiterated in my heart that we’re neighbors no matter how many miles separate our homes. And that it’s worth it getting to know people, that building relationships is always worth it. And that sometimes saying “no” makes room for “yes,” the kind of “yes” that allows magic happen.


*I feel like I should mention that a lot of my growth in this area has be precipitated by the book “Present over Perfect.” by Shauna Niequist. A great read, especially if your struggling to realize that your enough just as you are.


4 thoughts on “Saying “Yes”

  1. Good for you, sweetie. Any time mom and dad do something outside the norm, kids remember. When we were kids, we had a very early and strictly enforced bedtime. But once every summer rules were thrown out. We drove to Canada for a 2-week vacation, leaving at dusk and driving all night. I still remember how exciting that was, driving to Detroit and through the underwater tunnel to Canada. It was magic.

  2. I agree, building relationships is always worth it. 🙂
    A friend just told me about that book. Can’t wait to read it.

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