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A Good Week

This was a very very good week. When we started this journey I really thought things would get easier once we got to our new home. I thought I’d have closure and that closure would bring healing. But it didn’t happen that way. I was so very sad. If you’ve seen the movie Brooklyn you’ll remember the scene where she’s curled up on her bed sobbing with letters from her mom and sister all around her. I’m pretty sure I did the same thing only gripping my phone reading text messages through tears.

One of my favorite views on my morning walk.

Living in this strange place, somewhere between knowing you’re in God’s will but it hurts so much. I’m sure it’s a growing time but it’s also a very dark time. And, I was really trying to work through the pain, to be okay with it. People’s love helped, my husbands listening ear helped. Getting back to working on my novel helped.

Then suddenly one day I felt good, happy even. That turned into an entire week. I didn’t do anything different, but suddenly the pain wasn’t so biting. I could breathe again.

I’m not sure what it means, if it means anything. I still miss people, terribly, but I also feel hopeful for our future, and peaceful with our present. It’s a nice feeling. And I know that there have been so many prayers sent up for me and my family. Thank you for those prayers and for the ones you continue to send on our behalf.


Enjoy some of these images from my morning walks.

Love this “lamp post” mushroom. Looks like something from a fairy village. These slugs are HUGE! They’re all over the place in the morning. I saw one squished and it was really disgusting.

What are these? They look like a fruit from Zelda or something.


4 thoughts on “A Good Week

  1. The fruit is the “apples’ on a Dogwood tree. We have them here too. they don’t taste very good. I won’t say how I know that.
    You make me happy.

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