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A New Year

The end of the year caught me by surprise. I was knee deep in NaNoWrMo and suddenly the parents were here for Christmas and I hadn’t blogged in forever! The end of the year frequently feels like that to me, and this year not only feels like the end of a very long year, but the end of a long journey.

Going into last year I felt like my mantra was “brave.” I even had a bracelet made with that word on it. I knew I would need to be brave because I had a sense that 2016 was the year God was going to do some crazy things in our lives. This year I feel like my mantra is “adventure.” I love imagining things and writing stories but I’m tired of imagining things that I’ve never done. I started jogging this week to get into better shape, me and a couple of friends are planning on taking some parkour classes, I want to shoot a gun, learn to throw a punch and maybe ride a horse.

Then there’s the book… In October I sent it out to Beta readers knowing it would need work but blissfully unaware of how much more work. And now, I’m feeling quite overwhelmed by the process… again… Each stage on this novel writing journey is like feeling my way blindly through a cave. Every phase is completely new, I’ve never done it before. I hold on to the blind hope that the next book will be easier, while glaring at this one wondering why it’s being so difficult. But, if I keep plugging away, learning as I go, trusting that God set my feet on this path, then maybe, just maybe at the end of this year I’ll be looking into 2018 facing a whole new world of publication and speaking engagements and I’ll need to be both brave and adventurous.


2 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. As one of your first readers (maybe the first) I can say everyone has something special to look forward to in this novel.
    Keep going. ☺

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