Last fall when I started really yearning to try new things both physical and mental I got the idea of taking a parkour lesson. If you don’t know what parkour is, think ninja warrior; a lot of jumping, rolling and climbing up stuff. There’s something about it that really appeals to the action star trapped inside me. A couple of friends here were really interested but it was my idea. That meant I couldn’t just wait for someone else to make the plans, I had to do it. I’m telling you this because I want you to know that small steps can be very hard. If picking up a phone to call you’r doctor is so stressful that you wait and wait to go to the doctor, I totally understand. That’s what this was like, so many little steps causing me anxiety. First I had to find a gym, then I had to contact the gym to ask about private lessons. Which I did after months of nervousness. They put me in touch with a female coach which is really what got the ball rolling.

Finally after all that hemming and hawing the day came. And, you guys it was so amazing. Honestly, it was one of my best days, the most straight up fun I’ve had in years. And I’m not Ms. in-shape but with two friends who were just as happy to be there, a coach who was patient and really sweet, who was able to give us the tools and instruction, it was possible. Not saying I’m breaking any records, but I totally jumped over barriers, I dropped and rolled, I climbed a wall (that last one was really hard and I did not look awesome doing it, but I did it!!) I ran across the balance bar because the floor was made of lava, and I only burned my foot a few times.

Here’s what I’m realizing, I could have easily gone another six months, or a year, or a lifetime before I had gotten brave enough to find a place to take lessons. But then, I wouldn’t be sitting here today with the happy knowledge that I can indeed leap short barriers, with the knowledge that if I keep pushing myself I could run one of those obstacle  course 5Ks. I wouldn’t be sitting here with arms screaming sore and the memory of how gosh-darn fun it all was.

Here are a few pics. My friend Jenni was born to do this so I had to include that awesome action shot of her.

I want to give a shoutout to MoveFree Academy you can find them HERE, their gym was really great, and a special shoutout to our lovely coach Cordelia Storm HERE. Not only was she perfect for three nervous woman but she is also a stunt actress, how cool is that?!!

*For those of you who receive these posts by email I apologize for the almost identical post. There was a computing error and this post was initially sent out a week early. By computing error I mean I hit post instead of schedule before I had even had a chance to edit it!!

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