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Love is a Roof

“Love bears all things.” In the greek the word bear is stego, it literally means a thatch roof. In other words love is a roof. 


Love is a roof? I sat there with the book I was reading open on my lap like I’d just been slapped upside the head. A roof shelters us, it keeps us safe, gives us a place to wait out storms. It’s home, love is what makes home. Not an address, not a state or a city. Those things are places but a place isn’t home, not really, at least not according to the book I was reading that was opening up my heart and filling my eyes with tears.

Who had bore with me, in my brokenness? Who were all the people that had offered me the shelter of their companionship? So many faces came to my mind. Women who struggled with me during early motherhood. My own parents who’s love is steadfast, my husband who would support this girl and her dream. But also my sisters, the two who have sat with my dark text messages, the messages filled with confusion and hurt. My best friends, the ones who brought over drinks and snacks when we were pushed out of our place. The people who ministered beside us with our youth group. My aunt who had been down this same road. So many Michigan people I can not even begin to name all of them.

What of Washington? If love is a roof, if love is what makes home, what happens when you move and don’t know any one, are you home-less? God is what happens. He brought people, especially two other women, into my life that opened their hearts to me. Even after the trust I had placed in others had tore me apart, I could feel God saying “It’s okay Jessie. These are good people, I’ve put them here for a time such as this. For you. Trust them.” So I did. We all three did. We told each other the truth of our lives. We cried, and laughed and we kept at it and then I discovered that their love had been a sheltering roof when I had been alone and scared.

Bethany came to visit during our first holiday alone. She brought with her Michigan and friendship and when she left, her love stayed. People sent cards and packages and called and face timed and their love stayed here too. And more Washington people took us around and showed us their favorite spots, and had us over for lunch.

All of that love, a strong beautiful roof. Because love doesn’t stop when you leave a place. Not the real love, it gets stronger and goes with you. And I could have closed off my heart, there was a part of me that wanted to, that thought it was safer. But, is it safer? Love opens you up to heartache to be sure, but it’s also the only way to find a stego. A sheltering roof, a home.

If you’re interested the book I was reading was, The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp

5 thoughts on “Love is a Roof

  1. This is amazing Jess. I miss you so so much, but it brings me peace to know God is moving in your life and blessing you with special people where you are.

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