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The week and a half after we found out we had to find a new place was rough. I won’t lie or sugarcoat it for you I was depressed, sad and angry. There were wounds that hadn’t been fully healed that had been picked wide open and all I wanted to do was stay in bed.

One day while doing my Sunday School homework the lesson was all about trust which just made me more angry. The end exercises was to write a prayer to God. Maybe, not the best idea to put a pen in my hand right then because I really lay it out there. I mean I was more honest and quite a bit more bratty then I like to be with our Lord,  but afterward there was this calm that I hadn’t had before.

We looked at houses, both to rent and to buy but nothing fit what I wanted in my heart; the same school district, room for my papa’s table, at least three bedrooms, a yard. I just didn’t want to feel like I was moving backward and all the places we looked at felt like they were backward. Still, we plugged along. Then one evening Brian came into the office.

“This house just popped up, four bedrooms right up the street.”

“Call them right now!” I shouted.

See the thing is there wasn’t anything in this neighborhood for rent at all. No houses, no apartments. Any houses for sale were so far out of our price range it was hilarious. So seeing anything pop up was a shock but then when we went inside… Four bedrooms, nice kitchen, tons of wonderful windows, built ins that look like they came right out of the fifties, and a huge yard. A yard filled with flower beds, and rhubarb and even a rope swing. A cute next door neighbor lady with a friendly black lab…

Sometimes we have to endure hard times. And sometimes Jesus just wants us to laugh at His goodness. Sometimes, I think, He wants us to see that His goodness is so far beyond what we deserve or need or even ask for. And I hope, I really hope that this place is home for a nice long while.

Now if only He’d send packing elves to get this part over with, that’d really be something!

Some of you might notice how much like our MI house this looks. I think He might be trying to tell me something about home.

*So many people were praying on our behalf and I can’t even begin to express to all of you what those prayers and good thoughts mean to me. I knew I was being lifted up even when I felt so heartbroken. And I believed in my head that with all that love God would do something, even if it took my heart longer to catch up.*


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Oh, if I could, I’d gladly come and help you pack…..I’ve moved so many times I feel like I’m quite well experienced in the art of filling boxes! Isn’t God amazing???? That house looks and sounds like HOME!!!!

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