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Summer Time

Summer in the Pacific NorthWest is an interesting beautiful thing. Hardly any rain, blue skies, lovely breezes and the biggest hydrangeas you’ve ever seen, not many insects, except butterflies. We have tons of those, and a few humming birds that visit the feeder off my balcony almost constantly. It isn’t hot very often and even when it feels hot it’s cool in the shade. My windows are open constantly and I have always loved open windows.

Brian took us on a hike through the woods past enormous trees to the beach. There was a river that followed us through the forest and let out into the sound, where Sea Lions were hunting in the water. It’s difficult to believe that it’s all real. At times it really does feel like a magic place.


I am enjoying having my boys home. I always enjoy them… mostly… but they finally seem to be fighting less, reading more, and entertaining themselves. It makes our bike rides, trips to the beach, library, and movies so much more of a joy.

I’ve connected with new friends, and old. I drank carbonated coffee which was really strange and ate Berries Romanov which was one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted. I’ve had really inspiring intellectual conversations with people spanning all ages and ethnic groups, and I’ve read more fiction then I have in years.

Maybe the biggest thing is that I’ve finished the third major draft of my novel. It’s out with Beta Readers now, and it is a good feeling to reach another milestone and an even better feeling to step away from it for a bit, though I feel a little lost each day now that the push to finish is over. I mean I could unpack the last few boxes, but really, who wants to do that?

Several times in the last month I’ve felt something whisper over my heart. It feels like God and it feels like He’s saying “I love you and I have good things for you. Don’t forget that I am the one who brought you to this faraway land.” It’s a message that feels an awful lot like home.


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