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Phantom of the Opera Part III


All the Phantom posts have been leading to this, or perhaps you could even say that all of the places that book and musical have touched in my heart, have been leading to this. This is going to be the year of Phantom, because that is what I’m doing… I have begun writing my second book, and it’s a retelling of The Phantom of the Opera!

Once the Music Between Worlds is out in the world, there isn’t much I can do except wait. While I wait, I write. If I’m not writing I’m not really thriving (I should make that into a poster). The idea came to me some time after I finished rereading the novel. Dearest Bethany and I were going on and on about how much we loved that story. She was telling me how much she loved the Phantom in particular, despite his inclination to hang people. And I said “You should totally rewrite this story! Think of all you could do with it!” Then I proceeded to tell her all the things she could do with it and she said, “Um maybe you should write this story…”

And it just clicked. That rush when all the ideas are coming and zooming in your head. That excitement to be starting something new. The possibilities of the blank page!

I’ve got the outline mostly done and am somewhere in the first third of the first draft. There was a huge pause as I did the last draft of Worlds, and then there was Christmas. It’ll take a little to get back into it, but I’m very excited to be working on something new. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say part of it might involve a circus (that was before I saw the Greatest Showman, and now I’m even more inspired!), and it will probably have a bit of a steampunk twist.

My goal is to have the first draft done by the end of summer. I think that’s doable, but I’m a little unsure of how much time sending the book to agents etc. will take, end of the year for sure.

So there you have it. My journey with the Phantom seems to have come full circle, and it never would have happened without Greg Hildenbrandt, Andrew Lloyd Webber, my parents, Grammy, her Antiquing friend, and the tiny little library in Rudyard, MI.


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