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One Step Closer


This week I finished my book. When I say finished, I mean, it’s done, I’m not changing another word until someone willing to pay me money for it tells me too. By now you’re probably catching on that writing a book is a multi step process, so “done” is a somewhat relative term.

The kids were surprised that I wasn’t more excited. “Why aren’t you jumping up and down?” Hunter wanted to know. I had to think about that. I definitely didn’t feel as excited as I did when I finished the first draft, or even the second draft. I celebrated those milestones! Maybe it’s perspective? I mean, when I finished the first draft I couldn’t believe I had written an entire story, a novel! And I thought it was pretty good. Then after some time away and feedback from a very helpful beta reader I realized I had a lot of work left. And now, I think I’m hoping it’s kind-of-good, or mostly-good. I’d be pleased if it was the most okayish book ever published.

And of course there’s still the book proposal… I read recently that a lot of people will stop right before they have finished a goal. It has to do with uncertainty about the future, and I kind of get it. This next phase is all stuff I don’t understand. Finding an agent, sending it out to publishers. Then, so much waiting. Right now the book is safe on my computer all my dreams for her intact, but once I send it into the world I run the risk of failure and heartbreak.

It’s crazy, you’d never quit a marathon with only a mile left. And yet I have found myself anxiously filling my time with things other than book proposal.

Then on Friday, I decided that while finishing the Music Between Worlds didn’t feel as thrilling as I had imagined it would, I should still celebrate. So I bought a fancy coffee and spent the afternoon reading a wonderful book, instead of doing the laundry. And suddenly I feel less afraid of the Book Proposal. Like, I am truly ready to hammer it out. And honestly I can worry about the future all I like, but all I can really do is be faithful to finish the step that is right in front of me.


9 thoughts on “One Step Closer

  1. I promise this book is not “the most okayish” This book is special!! The characters are engaging, the message it has to give and story are important.
    I believe in you and I believe in your story.

  2. Even if you aren’t jumping up and down, I am! I devoured the book when I first got it and can’t wait to read the final product.

  3. Congratulations! Have you ever thought about free self publishing? I noticed you were looking for a book deal but you have a following… I used createspace with Amazon I’ve written a few titles and was able to share them with my friends and family. After my titles we’re on the amazon platform I see little royalty checks coming in.. if you have any questions on publishing or even having a contract I can definitely share some info with you. I had a contract before and went to self publishing.

    I’ll be posting a blog on the pros and cons and down right “truths” of being a published author.

    The Happy House

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