Cherry Blossoms and Agents.

I think Spring is here. I hesitate to say that it’s 100% here because in MI. just as soon as you think it’s really spring there’s another snow storm. But here in WA. it’s been sunny off and on for a couple of weeks, and lots of things are blooming, including the cherry trees. Yesterday Brian took me to see the ones that are down at the University of Washington, we meant to go last year but missed it.

It was breath taking. Pictures don’t do it justice of course, and it was simply wonderful to be outside with my husband watching all the dogs walk by. This is the kind of stuff that is magic to me; flowering trees, and blue skies. IMG-0895IMG-0896img-0898-e1521851209107.jpgIMG-0900IMG-0901

My spring seems to consist of vacillating between being overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, and being overwhelmed by writing query letters and trying to find an agent. To get published I need an agent and to get an agent I have to hook them with this tiny little letter. It seems impossible that a four year project is going to come down to four paragraphs. I feel like I’m standing in a crowded room, where everyone is taller than I am, raising my hand, jumping up and down shouting “pick me! pick me!”

I am hoping that my letter is good enough, and that the right door will open. I am not too proud to ask you that if you are the praying sort, or the good vibes sort, I will take all of them right now!

Any way, happy spring!

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