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Brian bought this bonsai for me last year mother’s day. It didn’t bloom until December, right after my cousin was killed in a car accident. Now it’s blooming like crazy. I really hope it’s a sign that my book dreams about to come to fruition as well. It definitely feels like a little bit of magic.

I thought a quick update might be in order. My query letters have been sent out to the first batch of agents. By the time you read this we will be nearing the end of the third week of waiting. Week three is significant because before that you’re just waiting. No one has said no yet, but If you don’t start hearing back after three weeks you can assume it’s a “no thank you” (though one agency told me they’re at an eight week wait time!). I swing between being afraid to check my email to obsessively checking my email.

I have gotten two “no” responses. Which didn’t crush me like they could have. I have tried to prepare for rejection. But I won’t lie, it’s also scary. If my query letter isn’t good enough, if those first ten pages you send to pique an agent’s interest, aren’t enough, I’m not sure what is… I’ll start sending queries out to the second batch of agents next week.

In the meantime I’ve been pouring myself into writing the first draft of my Phantom of the Opera retell. Funny side not: I refer to it as OG for short, because that is how Phantom (opera ghost) signs his letters in the books. My husband looked over my shoulder one day and said, “Original Gangster?” Yup, this book is going to be really different than Music Between Worlds lololol. It’s been great though, writing again. I’m on track to finish the first draft some time in June, which just blows my mind. It took two years to finish World’s first draft. I guess there is something to be said about practice, experience and not having toddlers under foot.

That’s it for now. If you pray, pray for an open door into agent land. I really do appreciate it.

The apple trees are just starting to blossom. Apple tree blossoms will always remind me of my beloved Michigan. A part of my heart has never left that state.

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