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Life, I guess.


So, it’s been a long long time since I posted here. I didn’t mean to go so many months, and honestly was surprised to discover it’s November already. You’d think this many years into writing and blogging and I’d have found a good rhythm, a good strategy, a good routine… C’est la vie or at least this is my life.

I like to pop in every now and then, however, and let you know where I am in my writing journey, where I am in my life. And I am somewhere! Remember the Phantom of the Opera retell I was planning last year? I finished it and it was so much fun and I think that it has a lot of potential. The book is out with beta readers right now, and I’m hoping to get started on the last draft sometime after the looming holidays.

In the meantime, I’ve gotten about a million rejections from agents about my first book, The Music Between Worlds. Something along the lines of “this project is not right for me at this time, but remember publishing is very subjective and just because it’s not right for me doesn’t mean it’s not right for someone else…” blah blah blah. That’s better than the one that straight up said “I’m not sufficiently excited about this.” Ouch. However, all is not lost. I went back and asked myself and my friend Bethany (thank God for Bethany) some very hard questions about the book. And I realized with her prompting that it had the potential to be a lot better than it is. So, I’ve gone back to it. Changed an important character from male to female and decided to break the book into two separate books.

Also I took third place in a short story contest. There was even a cash prize! I am very very grateful and humbled by this, and it would have been such a huge boost of excitement except that the same day I learned about winning third, I found out my grandparents were moving into a nursing home, and that my dog has cancer; the prognosis one month.

I know that sounds a lot like a bad Country song. And I hesitate to even mention it except that Ranger has been so much a part of so many people’s lives, and both he and my grandparents have been such integral parts of my writing. I am so so grateful that I got to have fourteen years with the sweetest, dopiest, gentlest dog. I really am. And I am so grateful for thirty seven years and counting with my amazing wonderful grandparents. Right now life is hard, and the writing is a balm, but I also recognize that it’s hard because of how special and lucky I am to have loved and been loved so much. I guess the pain is worth it because the love is so so great.

Thank you friends, for all your patience with me. I really do hope I’ll be back soon to share more thoughts with you.

(If you’re interested in the contest I think you might be able to find it here. Or at least you can sign up for the book clubs and the winning entries will be available there tomorrow.)

One thought on “Life, I guess.

  1. Life can seem to come at us all at once, good and bad. I love your perspective and I love you! So proud of who you are!

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