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Querying Again…


Holy long time since I posted Batman!

First off bookish news. I finished my Phantom of the Opera retell. Tentatively called Opera Ghost. It was a very fun process and showed me how much I’d grown as a writer. My first book, Music Between Worlds, took four years and counting and Opera Ghost took a little less than a year. It is by far the best thing I’ve written (my tell-it-as-it-is-beta reader said so) and I really think it may have a place out in published land. I’ve sent out my first batch of query letters looking for an agent to represent the book so we shall see. I’ll take your Fingers crossed and all your good thoughts.

I stopped querying for Music Between Worlds. I had to face some tough realities and decisions with what I thought was a finished book. Suffice it to say it’s not finished and it’s going through a pretty big overhaul. Whether or not it will ever be ready I can’t say for sure, I hope so. No matter what happens with it, however, it will always be special. It’s the first story I pursued with the intent of actually becoming an author. And, everything I learned about writing up until this point I learned working on that book. I still think it is a cool and exciting concept and I hope some day it will be good enough.

I started working on my third book because nothing is so discouraging as querying for an agent and it helps me a lot to be writing while I wait. This is the part of the process I love the most, writing that first draft, discovering things about the characters and story. I’m learning to trust myself as a story teller and to trust the process too.

I’m working part time as half of the youth pastor duo at our church. It’s been kind of crazy and scary but also great. I love working with teens so much and I really had missed it since moving. My partner is awesome to work with and we’re about as different on paper as can be: He’s a man, I’m a woman, He’s young, I’m not-as-young, he’s black, I’m white, he has a deep velvety smooth voice, and I sound like a mouse. We make a really great team and it’s been a huge blessing. It also has reminded me over and over why I write Young Adult and New Adult Fiction; the stuff they read at this point in their lives has the potential to change how they see the world, and I love that.

That’s it for now. The family is good and Ranger is still alive. He’s slower for sure, but he doesn’t seem to be in any pain. We are enjoying every day with him because it feels like a gift. He’s enjoying eating grilled chicken twice a day and not being forced to bathe.

Thank you friends, for all your support.

I value your comments and read every one!

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