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Opera Ghost and Literary Agents


Opera Ghosts and Literary Agents: the question we’re asking today is, do either of them exist…

Just kidding! Literary Agents do exist they’re just super hard to find kind of like corgi puppies. You may have been able to guess that I’m still querying for an agent. The query letter has gone through several drafts and I’ve had one request for a manuscript. However, I wasn’t pleased with the synopses I sent her and live in dread that she won’t look at the actual novel and base her decision off of the two page rundown of the book. since then I’ve taken great advice and really shored the synopses up so if anyone else should ask for it I feel slightly more confident in sending it out.

Getting that first manuscript request was one of the most exciting and emotional things that I’ve ever experienced. I was so happy and scared and stressed, my brain just clicked off, it was really weird. What will it feel like when I actually find representation? Or when a publisher actually buys my book?! I look forward to those days with great anticipation.

I’m about two thirds of the way through the first draft of the next book I’m writing. It’s been great to have this project. It’s different and the tone is a little darker than Opera Ghost but I actually think it has legs too and it is really encouraging to see that I’ve gotten better at the craft through all of this. This story was born out of an actual dream I had and the question, “what would I be willing to sacrifice for my sisters?”

I spent the season of Lent really searching God about writing and yearning to be on to the next step of the process. I feel like He keeps telling me to be still and wait patiently for Him and that is what I’m trying to do. I Continue to write. I Continue to query despite the insecurities and the doubt and I hope that is what faith is.


Ranger is still with us. I can hardly believe it. He seems in good spirits despite his weak back legs and doesn’t seem to be in pain. He’s living his good life, eating grilled chicken twice a day and going on super leisurely walks where he gets to sniff everything. Every day with him really does seem like a gift.

Thank you friends for all your thoughts and support. Journeying together is so much better than alone.


6 thoughts on “Opera Ghost and Literary Agents

  1. I always love reading your blogs! Miss you my friend and our over the fence conversations. Love, hugs and prayers to sweet Ranger💕

  2. Hi Jessie! I love reading your posts. So excited for you as you query for an agent. I wonder if you could send her the shored up synopsis…since she hasn’t gotten back to you yet, maybe it would be fine. (? I’m new at this myself, so ask someone else first)

    Your next book is darker than “Opera Ghost”? That’s scary. I can’t wait to read whatever you write. Good luck, my friend! ~Robyn

    1. Thank you Robyn you are such an encouragement!! I love that we started these journeys at the same time. Opera Ghost is a retelling of Phantom of the Opera so there’s no real ghosts lol.

  3. Oprah ghost is incredibly good!! I know it will get published, its truly too good not to!!

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