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Pitch Wars

Inspiration for the Heroine of Opera Ghost, Christine.
Inspiration for Eric.

Hello friends!

It’s been a long time, I know, but I’ve been busy doing exciting writerly things and not so exciting normal life things. If you’ve been wondering about Opera Ghost I’ve gotten at least twenty agent rejections, some with helpful feedback some with less helpful more hurtful feedback. I like to think I’m becoming much more gritty and tough with all this rejection but I still wallow once in a while.

There must still be something not-quite-right with the manuscript at least in the first twenty pages. I have reworked it approximately one million times but to no avail. I’m too close to it and have been working on it too long. I need some help which is where Pitch Wars comes in. Pitch Wars is a free mentorship program for struggling writers. Your mentor (usually a published author) reads your manuscript and then works with you over a period of months to improve your story. At the end, there’s a pitch party with actual agents in digital attendance! This program has a huge success rate and it’s exactly what I need: the next level of advice and help.

But like everything in the publishing world, it’s tough competition to be accepted as a mentee. Applications go live September 25 with the mentors making decisions about who they want to help by November 3. I am not too proud to ask for your prayers and your good thoughts. Seriously, I’ll take all the good positivity I can get!!

Meanwhile, I’m finishing up edits on my next manuscript. Working on this new book while I slogged through rejections and insecurities was honestly a lifesaver. It’s the biggest piece of advice I could ever give a struggling writer. Don’t wait around for that magical book contract. Start working on the next idea right away! This new work in progress is tentatively called “Thief” and while not as whimsical as Opera Ghost, I think it goes deeper, at least to me. I’m nervous and excited for my beta readers to get their hands on it.

I hope your summer was beautiful and filled with joy. And, I hope your autumn is filled with magic. If I make it into Pitch Wars you all with be the first to know. Okay, maybe not the first, that’d be my mama, but I’ll let you know for sure!



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