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Nancy Drew Episode One


Nancy Drew opened with the mysterious disappearance of the sea-queen (kind of like homecoming) twenty years ago. Nancy is out of high school but she’s not in college because her mom died her senior year and she was too sad to apply… I think…

First of all her hair is the right color so points to CW. Also, they kept everyone’s names the same (except Ned goes by Nick. In protest I will be calling him Ned), another point. Of course, Ned Nickerson is handsome, but instead of the all American guy next door he’s got a mysterious paaaaaaast. Bes and Geroge are there too but instead of happy go lucky cousins one is living in a van and the other is having an affair with a married man… yuck.

Nancy’s dad is a lawyer, but the public defender kind, not the sure-you-can-fly to-Asia-to-follow-up-on-this-clue kind. Also, he and Nancy do not see eye to eye. He does not approve of Ned.

Nancy is very cute and smart and she has the kind of face that wants to be happy but isn’t because it’s CW and she “Used to go looking for the darkness until the darkness found me.” Okay, seriously Nancy that seems a bit over the top. Her clothes are cute and it looks like we might get a cute car eventually (Ned is going to fix up her mom’s classic for her- swoon) The mystery is pretty creepy with a definite supernatural feel which I like. I’m interested to see if there’s actually a haunting going on. It seems like it but then you never know with a good mystery.

The episode ended with us finding out that her parents were involved with the missing sea-queen. “Why is it the people closest to you have the most to hide?” Do they Nancy? Always? That seems a bit overreaching but then there is a bloody prom dress in their attic so what do I know?

I love how this shot looks so much like the old book covers. Another point to CW.

The last thing I’ll say is, not only did Nancy kiss in the first episode she was also doing some other very un-Nancy like things (don’t you want to leave us wanting more CW?)! In the books, Nancy and Ned never even kiss, though she did once “faint into his strong arms” SWOON!!

All in all, it has a lot of potential and I’m excited to see where it goes. I’ve always liked a good mystery and if she continues to wear cute outfits I think I could dig it!!

Did you watch it? What do you think? Leave your thoughts and theories in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Nancy Drew Episode One

  1. Love your narrative! Sadly I’ve never read any of the Nancy books but I intend to after this post. Does the show follow any particular book or are they in their own? I’m eager to read more!

    1. I don’t think this season is based off a book at least not the originals. Murder was fairly scarce in the books more like hidden wills and kidnapped children. We did get a cool secret compartment in this first episode.

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