nancy drew

Nancy Drew Episode Two

Episode two The Secret of the Old Morgue, picked up right where we left off with Nancy in the attic wondering if her parents had something to do with the “dead” part of Dead Lucy. From there it’s back to work where she’s on her phone looking at mugshot photos of Ned she obtained by nefarious means. If you thought there was a possibility that your boyfriend was a murderer would you keep his mugshots on your phone??? He’s definitely going to find them. At the least there’s a big misunderstanding, more angst as two lovers quarrel, at the most HE KILLS YOU! Come on Nancy, you’re smarter than that!

Next we see her casing out the city morgue… In a fairly open spot only vaguely hidden by trees… in the middle of the day. I’m fairly certain I’d notice a redhead across the street from a government building with binoculars. Maybe, I’d assume she was into birdwatching?

Then we get back to George and her gross affair with Mr. Hudson, who’s wife was murdered in the first episode. She’s got a big chip on her shoulder because back in high school Nancy’s friends spread some rumors about her. Not Nancy- her friends. “You can tell my secrets and laugh at me like old times!” she says when confronted with the fact that she’s dating the best suspect. Also she makes some vague comment about Nancy’s friends abandoning her when her mom got cancer. WHAT???? Cancer isn’t the black plague. What kind of weirdo town is this?

Let me tell you what kind of weirdo town this is… They have a tradition of taking a bucket of seawater and putting it outside their door on the last day of summer. At midnight when the church bells ring you kick over the bucket, if water spills out your good. If BLOOD spills out you’re going to die within the year… WHAT THE FRACK!! How often does blood spill out? Why is this a tradition??? If you ever go to a town and they have some kind of creepy church bells plus blood plus midnight ritual either call the Winchester brothers or get the hell out of there! This is not a normal town you do NOT want to be there when the festival of the yearly sacrifice comes around!

We then see Mr. Drew burning the dress Nancy found in the attic. I have my theories about this; I don’t think he’s the killer. I think he was hired by the rich Hudson family to cover up the dead Lucy murder back in the day. It was probably for money they needed for some kind of medical thing. My only question is this: Why would you bury the evidence in your own back yard in the year 2000 only to dig it up and put it in your attic a few years later, only to finally burn it in 2019 after your daughter found it? I’m certainly no master criminal but I feel like it would have been easier to burn it right off the bat. Of course that wouldn’t necessarily stop you from being haunted for your complicity in the crime but still…

That’s what we’re left with. George’s bucket poured out blood (GET OUT GEORGE WHILE YOU STILL CAN) Ned is not the murderer of Mrs. Hudson, but he is hiding a burner phone. And, Most importantly the roadster is ready to ride! I’m still not convinced the haunting is real, but I like it anyway!

I value your comments and read every one!

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