nancy drew

Nancy Drew Episode Three

I have to admit something… This episode sort of pulled me in. Here I am snarkily analyzing all the brooding drama and then they go and pull a Nancy Drew clue hunt that ticked all the right boxes leaving me, almost, gleeful.

We find out that Ned did indeed have a relationship with the deceased Mrs. Hudson. After being the key witness in his manslaughter trial she came to see him in prison once a week. She brought him books and that’s how they began to understand each other, that’s how they became friends. I mean right off the bat you’ve got me with books and redemption and two unlikely friends. Sure it’s a bit dramatic that Ned killed someone (while trying to protect female friend mind you) back in the day, but you’ve also got books.

Turns out Mrs Hudson was trying to leave a message to Ned, one only he would see. Which of course he doesn’t, he needs Nancy’s help. And here’s where they finally start acknowledging the books. First, he finds a clock in Nancy’s mother’s car (the first Nancy book ever, is the Secret of the Old Clock). The clock has to be opened by putting the hands on significant dates. Then a secret drawer pops open revealing a key. They go to Mrs. Hudson’s pet project, a Bed and Breakfast called… The Lilac Inn (Number four of the original Nancy Drew series). Where they find more clues in the guise of portraits of famous authors, which lead to the kitchen where they find amontillado wine, which if you know your Edgar Allen Poe, means there’s something hidden behind a brick wall. Which there was but instead of a skeleton it was a safe that the key from the clock opened!!! Phew!! I’m tired just relaying all that information.

And yeah that seems like a pretty complicated way to leave somebody money for a fresh start on the off chance that you get murdered. But that’s Nancy Drew for you; Little clues hidden all over the place like a roadmap to the truth. There’s still a creepy ghost that makes me jump every time she shows up in the corner of the house or on the ceiling. (I guess if I was suddenly a ghost and gravity no longer mattered to me I would probably hang out on the ceiling a lot). Poor George is being haunted by yet a different spirit (still think she should get out of town). And the police keep trying to bribe Nancy to flip on her friends in exchange for dropped charges in the morgue break-in. But seriously fools, Nancy is only interested in the truth!!

Nothing brings people together like being falsely accused of murder.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, yes it’s still super dramatic with all the long glances and angst we’ve come to expect from CW, but it’s also got lots of clues, hidden compartments and cute vintage looking clothes and friendships and probably the solving of a good ol’ murder!! SO, HELLS YEAH!!! TO NANCY!

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