nancy drew

The Haunted Ring

I don’t own any good funeral clothes. Is that weird? Is it something you can google and buy online?

Nancy Drew, episode four was about a 180 from the last episode. There were no fun clues or puzzles. No riddles where the key to the answer was a book ISBN number. Instead, this episode was all about ghosts (yes there is now more than one) and a funeral. Two ghosts, and a Funeral

The longer this show goes on the more I have to admit the evidence seems to be stacking up to an actual haunting. I’m a bit disappointed by this, even though the ghost stuff is super creepy. In the original Nancy Drew it always seemed like a ghost but wasn’t. Maybe that’s too Scooby Doo now. If it IS a human they are going to have to really explain how a living person is managing to do all the electrical haunting stuff. This week both a microwave and a computer screen cracked after ghostly interference. That was pretty neat, though, as the cracks were actually a map of the town.

Now instead of dealing with the murder of Mrs. Hudson and the ghost of Dead Lucy we’re also dealing with the ghost of Mrs. Hudson. Mrs. Hudson’s spirit is sticking around even after George snuck her wedding ring back onto her corpse *shiveeer*. There was a nice moment where George realizes that she should have had been in the dead woman’s corner instead of sleeping with her husband. “I should have had your back all along.” I like that, it felt empowering. So often women are pitted against each other and I’d like to see that change.

We found out that Bess is actually British. Her accent changed so fast and felt so Eliza Doolittle that I actually laughed. She’s traveled all the way across the pond to see if the Marvins are her real relatives. Also she got attacked by a ghost. Apparently ghost’s don’t attack because they’re mad they attack because they’re trying to get your attention. Maybe ghosts need to have some seminars about non scary ways to interact with the living?

We also found out that George’s mom is a clairvoyant. And at the end of the episode George was possessed by Mrs. Hudson’s ghost for a hot minute. (I almost peed a little). Despite what I said earlier, if this means that George is actually a psychic, trying to deny her powers, or ignorant of them, I might really like that. I love interesting character development. They’d have to do it right for it to not feel like a cheap trick. But, it could be cool.

There was one terrible line of dialogue. Mrs. Hudson’s wealthy sister shows up and is asking Ace why he never called after their summer trist. He said, “You threw me. When I was with you it was… intense.”… Oh my gosh! Who wrote that?!!! It’s mean to be along the lines of “you complete me” but it’s terrible!! BARF!!!

The last thing that happened was some nice closure with Nancy, her dad and her dead mom. It seems like maybe Mr. Drew and his daughter could patch things up. Kennedy McMann can really act too, she was crying and I was crying. Felt very Dean Winchester, bravo! It was very emotional and she was very believable. You don’t always get that with shows like this. I hope Mr. Drew becomes an ally for Nancy but of course, we still don’t know how he was involved with the death of Lucy…

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