nancy drew

Nancy Drew…I Might Love It

Okay, so I dropped off with my Nancy posts for a bit. In that time I’ve gone from saying “this show is the most ridiculous thing. The real Nancy Drew would be ashamed!” to being like “WHEN IS THE NEXT EPISODE!” In case you’re wondering, it’s still ridiculous. And, unless you are a Winchester, I still think you should avoid Horseshoe Bay AT ALL COSTS!

Oh my gosh; ghosts, demons, demons that eat children, some kind of weird water spirit that gives you your heart’s desire but then requires a blood payment. Nancy ended up choking up that water spirit’s seaweed wreath and honestly I almost barfed.

I know it is just too crazy, but I can’t stop watching!! Firstly, there is still the two murdered women and we’re finally starting to get answers. Who killed Ryan Hudson’s wife, you ask? Well it wasn’t Ryan, the poison was intended for him! And I still don’t think he’s behind Lucy’s death, but we journey closer to the truth.

Secondly, the entire show is dark and brooding, and I love Nancy’s red hair and cute car. So you know what? I’m just going to unabashedly enjoy watching. Well, maybe just a bit abashedly.

This is the crew calling forth a water spirit. Probably a bad idea.

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