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Happy Christmas

Well, I made it to December in more or less one piece. The last major draft of my book is finished. It’s with a friend now who is editing it for grammar and mechanics, but the story is done. No more changing it, at least not until a publisher gets a hold of it and… Continue reading Happy Christmas

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A Perfect Christmas…

Yesterday my husband kids and I went and walked through the downtown lights. I love lights, it’s so sparkly and warm and magical. It’s been unseasonably warm here. There’s no snow and the grass is still kind of green. The kids actually played in the park while Brian and I sat in the midst of… Continue reading A Perfect Christmas…

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Santa Came to Visit

My dear Aunt Clause. She’s too cute. When you have a mother who sews you get a lot of perks. For instance you might get a special visit from Mr. and Mrs. Clause because Mrs. Clause needs a new apron and she has some unique specifications (as you would expect). Most children would consider this… Continue reading Santa Came to Visit


This is amish peanut butter. If you’ve never had amish peanut butter it’s homemade peanut butter mixed with marshmallow cream. It’s fantastic. This was made and given to me, along with some other amazing treats from a coworker of Brian’s. This woman is pretty great; she homeschool’s her kids, works two very demanding jobs and… Continue reading

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Oops I kind of fell off the radar there for a while. Sorry!! Christmas has this effect on me every year. I get so busy. It’s a good busy but blogging always falls by the way side. I’m sorry I love you guys! I also find it difficult to blog about projects because I don’t… Continue reading

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Oh Dear December is Upon Us.

Hello lovely readers. I’m a bit behind in the blogging but then I feel I’m a bit behind in everything. December has that effect on me. I hate it and try to fight it because I just love Christmas. I do not want to feel stressed about it. Truth is there’s always a moment in… Continue reading Oh Dear December is Upon Us.

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Pinterest Monday.

I know it’s suppose to be Pinterest Wednesday but the project I was working on took quite a bit longer then I anticipated. What you see below is an ordinary Altoids tin…  Or is it… It’s actually a tiny little mouse house! Because it’s so little I expected it to go a lot faster but… Continue reading Pinterest Monday.