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The Sister’s Three.

The Sister’s Three is my imaginary coffee shop.  I own and run it with my two sisters Courtney and Heather.  In a word it is Magnificent.  You see, this coffee shop is the perfect place to sit, chat, and relax with girlfriends over a nice hot cup of coffee.

We are located in a super cute down town and our shop has wide planked wooden floors and a tin ceiling with lots of natural lighting.  There are live red geraniums all over the place along with other plants that are for sale and are grown in vintage coffee and baking tins.  There are also a few other things for sale along the lines of antiques from the forties and fifties, vintage books, original art work by local artists and super unique hand made items and vintage fabrics.

On the menu is all manner of wonderful coffee drinks and lattes.  All of our coffee, chocolate, coco and tea is sourced from responsible companies who pay their farmers fair wages etc. (this may make things a tad bit more expensive but once people find out why, I think, they’ll be willing to pay an extra fifty cents for a latte.  Plus our place will be so cute they’ll come any way.)  We’ll also serve a different soup every day made in store and thickened with out flour so people with wheat allergies will have a cute place to eat lunch.  We’ll also serve different scones and muffins and cookies made in house as well.  I would like to have one sweet thing also made with out flour (this is a big market people aren’t really tapping into, at least not around here, and I want Megan to have something to eat when she stops by for some Java).

We have groups that meet here through out the week that include writing groups, book clubs and youth groups.  We have regulars and people who stop in once a week with their mom and sisters to catch up.  It’s a really great place to be.

Courtney informs me that she has already worked in a coffee shop and did not like it but her boss was super crazy (think Martha Stewart is your coffee store boss). And she will be a part owner in this venture plus I have already decided I will take the early morning shift and open the store so she can sleep in.  We will be closed Sundays and Mondays so that should help us recharge our batteries.

I totally get that in real life owning and running your own business is not nearly as romantic as it seems in my imagination, but hey dreams are fun aren’t they?  Plus wouldn’t you all like a place like this to come and get a great cup of coffee?

4 thoughts on “The Sister’s Three.

  1. I would totally come to your shop. And I love almond milk. And breakfast sandwiches. And now I'm hungry and you just helped me decide that I'm going to make eggs for dinner tonight!

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