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The Mall

When I was a kid my parents would take my sister’s and I to the mall, dinner and a movie about twice a year. It was a big deal and we each had five dollars we could spend, but the toy store was the last place we would stop otherwise we would want to go straight home and play with our toys (best thing I ever bought was a plastic green house that came with a gardening book). I guess this is the type of special outing you do when you have three daughters and a limited budget; it’s like training or something.

Any way it was really fun and special except that we were always there when the mall started to close. I can still here that female voice “Attention Customers The Mall Will Be Closing in Fifteen Minutes.” when I heard that I freaked. I wanted us to drop what ever it was we were eating, browsing, buying and run (not walk) out of the mall.  My stomach would be in knots until we were safe in our car. My mom always looked amused and I still remember her saying “they are not going to lock us in here, and if they did wouldn’t that be fun?” No. That would not be fun.

All this back story just so you can understand this dream I had last night. I was running through this very huge fancy Sears being chased by Tracy Morgan (why couldn’t it have been Jason Stathum?) trying to get out of the store before it closed for the night. My Grandma once told me that in her dreams she can run so fast and never get tired; that is so cool, in my dreams I always feel like I’m running through jell-o it’s awful. I did notice, as I was racing through kitchen-wares, that they had the most beautifully green-blue and melon colored shake makers I’d ever seen.  I woke up as I was sticking my leg through the first set of outside doors and could see the lady (smiling, I might add) locking the second set.

The End.

for those of you who don’t know
this is Tracy Morgan from SNL.

This is Jason Stathum.
He has really nice muscles.

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