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Years ago I stopped making New Years Resolutions and instead started looking for a word to be my guiding theme for that year. Usually that would lead to a few related goals (goals, not resolutions. Not sure if there is a difference but a goal feels much more manageable.) In 2016 it was “brave”, I even had a bracelet made to remind me (from the beautiful jewelry shop Punch Vintage Style) and indeed that was what 2016 ended up being about. Walking with my husband through a job search and then moving across the country required a bravery my heart had never known.

Then in 2017 it shifted to something like “Courageous” which I know sounds an awful lot like bravery but where brave is more internal I think courage is what we do, our bravery lived out, or at least it was for me. I had gotten tired of never trying new things so I really tried to stretch myself. It was so much fun! I took several classes including, a Nia dance class, a greek cooking class, and my favorite thing parkour! I also ran in two road races, practiced Lent and drove to the airport!

I’ve taken a couple weeks to really think, and pray about this year’s word. What are some things I’m anticipating happening and what will I need to see them through? Oh, see things through! That’s not a word though, so after some digging through my very old thesaurus I believe my word for 2018 is “resolute.” Resolute means “to be firmly determined in purpose” and I think that if I’m ever going to get my book published, that is what I will need (I’ll need it just to finish the stupid book proposal). And there are other areas in my life, where I need to be firmly determined in purpose, parenting for one.

It’s time for me to start making headway into the publishing game, and I’ll be honest, it scares me, a lot! I can barely even think about it without my arms going numb and my brain shorting out. I guess I’m also going to need a good dose of bravery and courage, along with my resoluted-ness (I may have just made that word up).

Here’s to a New Year, and here’s to pursuing my dreams and your dreams! I hope it’s a blessed one for us all.

6 thoughts on “2018

  1. Great post, Jessie! Praying that you get that book published this year – you can do it! (Resolutely, of course) ~Robyn

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