nancy drew

The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge

Bob taught me to never go into a secret party without knowing what your getting yourself into.

Remember the end of summer ritual where you kick over a bucket of water and if BLOOD spills out you’re going to die? Remember when I said to get out of a town with a ritual like that because there is definitely going to be something weirder and more sinister going on? Enter the Velvet Mask ball held every five years in a secret location for the ultra elite. A place where “townies have lost hands” a place so dangerous to the not-rich that new hunky Owen practically begs Nancy to leave! Owen, if it’s so dangerous and evil why are you there????

Nancy is there following clues Dead Lucy wrote in a poem. The rest of the Scooby team is there to steal some old coins that may link the Hudson’s to insurance fraud and the death of a boat full of people in a not so accidental shipwreck.

It’s called the velvet mask even though only a few people actually wear masks. And was the home to Lucy discovering the Matron Mrs. Hudson having an affair with her husband’s rival, the head of the Marvin clan, a man who would later die in that shipwreck I was talking about, back in 1999.

Ryan Hudson is being haunted by Lucy too. And at the end of this episode we discover that they were teen age sweethearts. His parents kept them apart and forbid him to talk about her once she was murdered. It seems that Lucy is out for revenge, but in the end she’s only trying to tell Ryan and Nancy that Ryan’s wife’s murder and her own are connected. I actually felt a little sorry for him.

Owen is too handsome and there is tension between him and Ned even though they both want to bring the Hudson’s to justice. (Owen is supposed to be way younger than Ryan Hudson but I’m having a hard time believing that). Also, even though Owen is very pretty I prefer Ned, he has a nice scar that adds something special. I hope Ned trusts in Nancy’s affections even though it seems like he doesn’t.

Speaking of trust, the scooby gang is upset that Nancy kept her own haunting and prusuit of Lucy’s death to herself. Of course they can’t know she thought she was crazy at first or that she knows her father was involved in some way. Like Ryan said of his parents dealing with problems back then “they did what they always do, they kicked it to Carson Drew” Curiouser and curiouser… sort of.

Over all, this episode was at least more interesting than the last. But honest to peat this small town is WIERD and creepy with a capital C. And I’m ready for the team to be working together instead of Nancy always sneaking off and being all secretive. We’re stronger together Nancy, every original Disney movie has proven that!

I value your comments and read every one!

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