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One Year

This past Sunday marks the one year anniversary of us moving to the Seattle area. One year ago we said goodbye and started something new in a part of the country I had never been. Time is a slippery thing, in some ways it feels much longer than that and in others it feels like it just happened.

Some things I’ve observed: Flowers are out of the world here. The squirrels are smaller, there are humming birds everywhere. It’s definitely cooler, but when the sky is blue I can barely breath it’s so pretty. People might actually love coffee out here more than you’ve heard. There are literally four coffee shops within walking distance to my house. I’m frequently ordering something I’ve had at starbucks only to find it’s not the same at the hipster shop. My favorite cafe is, Aloha cafe, where the owner knows my favorite drink and remembers that I have two sons and asks about my sister who went there with me once. She makes me feel special. People are about as friendly as anywhere I’ve been, a lot of times, you just have to be the one to make the first move.

We’re really happy. Our life is good, our home is lovely, we have made some incredible friends and Brian’s ministry is very fulfilling (even if it is a little crazy sometimes.) And yet, I find that I am feeling very sad. It seems quite ridiculous, things are going splendidly, even my book is on track! But I am missing Michigan things.

Summer is my favorite season, and I guess it was easy to not miss my home state when she was buried in snow. But now I find I miss fireflies and hot air balloons and talking with my neighbor Windy over the fence while our kids play. I miss country drives and ice cream shops, and I really miss Maddie, Jack and Beki. This time of year I saw them five days a week! I miss being with Trudi at her pool while the kids play. I miss Lake Michigan and her sandy beaches and crystal water. I miss youth group, and so many people I could never name them all.

That’s not to say the Puget Sound isn’t magnificent this time of year, she is! And that there aren’t wonderful new treat places (gelato is my favorite), and lovely little unique bookshops where I know the owners names. And wonderful friends who take the time to love me. The Pacific Northwest has her own treasures to be sure. It’s just that people change people, and no amount of new people makes you miss the ones you’ve said goodbye to, less.

The Apple blossom and the Rhododendron the state flower of both my homes one on one side of the driveway one on the other side. There’s poetry there I think.

I’m not trying to feel melancholy that’s just where I am right now. On the cusp of summer missing the people who have touched my heart.

5 thoughts on “One Year

  1. I can definitely feel your blues in this post. But also hope and several moments of Happy that refresh your spirit. I’m so proud of you. I miss you, friend,

  2. Jessie,….We did not get to know each other well in the short time we were at Central Christian before you and Brian left, but I have followed your posts and enjoyed them very much. I think it would be less than normal for you to not miss things from Michigan where you had a home and friends. It seems like you have made a home there as well and have a good life. We all miss you as well!

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